I don't view depression, anxiety or trauma as pathologies but keys to open the doors to healing and joy. Whatever brings you to therapy is a step towards your becoming whole and at peace.

Perhaps you are in a difficult place in your life and need help in unraveling some of the knots you are experiencing. You may be feeling alone, hopeless or confused about ways through the difficulties you are facing.

Learning to manage your life, understanding and deeply accepting yourself and letting go of patterns not serving you is paramount to what you are hoping to receive from the process of therapy. Cultivating awareness of your feelings, thoughts and reactions so you can choose your responses, rather than mindlessly react beckons you. You are wanting to heal and transform the pain you are currently experiencing rather than being given a band-aid approach which does not address permanent change.

Feeling quite vulnerable, you are looking for a therapist you can trust. Finding someone who understands your struggles, is supportive and firmly grounded in sound therapeutic approaches is important to you.

Or perhaps you are wanting help resolving serious problems in your relationship. Clarifying whether or not to stay in your relationship could be a decision with which you are needing help.

Feeling listened to and learning to listen to your partner, building friendship and joy in your relationship might be goals you believe would be beneficial to you and your partner. Conflict in a relationship is a given; using healthy ways to resolve differences can be learned.

I deeply affirm your looking into the process of therapy to help you resolve the issues you are facing. Accompanying you on your path to healing would be my pleasure.