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You may think of Mindfulness as sitting on a cushion in silence for hours and hours. As lovely as the practice of meditation is, Mindfulness is more than having a meditation practice.

Mindfulness is a moment to moment awareness practice which can be done as you go about your day.

  Mindfulness is seeing into the nature of your experience of yourself and life. Therapy is "Mindfulness In Action" as we will be working together to bring attention to your longings, moods, joys and sorrows. As these aspects with which we are working are brought into consciousness you will have a clearer picture of your patterns and the changes you would like to make.

As a result of being mindful, your left pre frontal cortex will be activated. This activation will result in a lessening of your negative emotions.

Mindfulness can offer you a spaciousness between your experience and a larger awareness.

Between thoughts, feelings and body sensations, there is a vast spaciousness. When you are able to notice this peaceful presence, there is a deep relaxation and quiet solace that happens.

This peacefulness is why Mindfulness is evidenced based and is used by hospitals, doctors and therapists to alleviate the effects of not only psychological pain but physical pain as well.