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At some point in your life you may have witnessed or lived through a terrifying event. Even though you survived the terror of what happened, the impact of the event has lodged in your memory and body.

Perhaps you have the sense that there is no solid ground on which to stand. There may be times when you cannot stop crying and other times when it doesn't seem you are actually inhabiting your body.

Experiencing severe anxiety symptoms, having flashes of memories that intrude unexpectedly during the day or night and feeling out of control much of the time can be frightening. You may fly into a rage over minor irritations which is wreaking havoc on your relationships.

One of the most helpful ways to heal trauma, according to research, is for you to have a place to talk. I take great joy in establishing a safe and compassionate relationship free of judgment. Within the security of our relationship we can work on relaxation exercises and ways to help you feel grounded in your body.

Something I will be excited about helping you with is the process of looking at your thoughts about the trauma that you experienced and the effects those thoughts are having on your mood and behavior. We will be working to replace those anguishing thoughts with less distressing ones which will improve your mood and reduce your stress levels.

EMDR is also a very effective way of helping your nervous system let go of tormenting thoughts and memories. This process allows a release of disturbing memories and painful body sensations; I have been using EMDR for over 15 years and am gratified by the healing this process brings about.

Neurobiology, which is the study of the nervous system, offers many exercises which we will practice. These exercises establish new connections in the neural structure of your brain and promote incredible healing.

Yes, trauma can be healed. I have witnessed the process of therapy transforming the effects of intense trauma. It would be my privilege to accompany you as you resolve the pain you have been carrying.