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Couples Counseling

We all know relationships can be challenging.

You may be frustrated, feeling misunderstood and unheard in your relationship.

When you try to have conversations about these feelings the distance between you and your partner becomes like a great divide. The two of you seem even further apart, not knowing how to climb out of the canyon of despair.

Listening to each other is impossible and feelings of being criticized are rampant. You find yourselves saying and doing things you would have never thought possible when you first decided to be together.

Providing you with a space where you both can listen to what each of you is saying and not saying is a crucial part of my work. Helping you both ask for what you need in a direct and clear way will be of great benefit to your relationship. As you both learn ways to talk together in a clear non- blaming way an outcome will be an intimate and trusting relationship.

Patterns we learn in order to survive childhood create havoc in relationships. These defensive ways of being functioned to protect vulnerable and fragile places. However, these harmful ways of relating can be let go of as you and your partner begin to trust each other.

Extremely helpful is the Enneagram of Personality Types. This system builds self compassion as well as compassion for each other as you learn how your partner sees and interprets the world.

Relationships are like treasured house plants. If they are left without attention and water they die. I derive great satisfaction helping you build romance, conversation and caring into your partnership.

The love you first felt can be rekindled through learning new ways to cherish each other.