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Premarital Counseling

Starting out your commitment to each other with relationship enhancing skills is a wise step to take. Making sure you can resolve conflict in healthy ways will help you build a lasting union.

  My goals in working with you are to help you navigate decision making, discuss and resolve difficult issues in addition to building intimacy and trust.

Helping you both listen to and have empathy for each other is a great part of how I work. Teaching you ways to ask for what you need in a non blaming way will give you skills to bring you closer together.

Unfortunately in our educational system we don't learn communication skills. I take great joy in teaching you both ways to communicate that will help you talk to each other without blame or criticism.

The Enneagram of Personality Types is an important tool to build self compassion as well as compassion for your partner. This elegant system teaches about nine different personality styles. In learning about your own way of looking at reality as well as your partner's way of seeing the world, your understanding of yourself and partner will deepen.

What means caring and love to one of you may not have the same meaning for the other. I will help each of you articulate what caring behaviors you and your partner would appreciate.

I look forward to helping you get off on the right start to a long and healthy time together.