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You may be experiencing the sense that you are on an out-of-control roller coaster with sensations of distress and/or panic. Your repetitive thoughts circling uncontrollably may be creating a restlessness and dread in your mind and body.

What you are experiencing are symptoms of anxiety which may be the result of stressful events in your life such as a major loss or a transition in living situation or job. You may have an overwhelming sense that you just don't have what it takes to cope and worry is taking up too much of your attention. You might be suffering from old traumas which have not been healed and integrated.

Helping you regain a sense of ease and serenity is a primary goal of mine. I take great joy not only in helping you explore what stressors are responsible for your current feelings of distress but I will teach you exercises and techniques that create permanent healing in your nervous system.

I use many modalities to bring about such healing: EMDR is an evidence based way to bring about relief and I have seen incredible and heartwarming results from this process. I am excited by the relatively new science of Neurobiology which offers ways to create lasting healing in our nervous system. I have a passionate desire to offer new and exciting relaxation techniques that promote positive changes in the neural structures of our mind