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Every therapy is unique and tailored to what it is you are bringing in. Having a sense of who you are is my goal in working with you. Of course I will be working to heal symptoms that are causing you pain. However I will be interested in what those symptoms are trying to communicate.

  The distress underneath the symptoms of unease will be a focus of our attention so we can together understand the deeper message hidden under your depression, anxiety or feeling of stuckness.

Interested in unearthing the place where you are already whole, our therapy together will look at what covers over and obscures that essential wholeness. I will be profoundly interested in your longings, hopes, memories and past, as well as your dreams for the future. In that place of wholeness lies your own deepest wisdom.

Working together we will seek to understand decisions you have made about life, yourself and others and whether those decisions are currently valid. We will explore the culture in which you were born and the values of that culture as well as your own personal core values.

We are complex beings and my hope for our time together is that you come to understand and have compassion for those complexities and how you arrived at the person you presently are.

Most of us don't come into this life with a skill set that equips us to meet the challenges life presents. I take profound joy in teaching you the skills I have found most helpful. Restoring your confidence and trust in yourself and life is a responsibility I hold with great seriousness. An outcome of your therapy will be that, despite the challenges life brings, you will rest in the deepest certitude that you have all that you need to meet these challenges.