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Blocked Joy

Having a strong sensation of being stuck, life may have taken on a landscape of flatness. Even though you are able to get through the day, you may miss the presence of a sense of zest in living life.

 Days lived without delight in the fullness and joy of living may have left you feeling hopeless, not realizing you can capture a sense of aliveness and delight.

Mindfulness can be an incredible gift to in restoring your passion and energy. People think mindfulness involves hours sitting on a cushion meditating but that is not mindfulness. Being mindful is waking up out of the subjective prison of recycling internal thoughts.

Energy follows attention so we will be freeing up a tremendous energy of life force as you spend a few minutes each day in an awake awareness. Practices such as imagining a calm beautiful place and spending one minute in that beauty will create a sense of well being. You will learn exercises which increase serotonin and dopamine. These neurotransmitters create feelings of pleasure, joy and happiness.

Mindfulness will naturally be occurring in our work together as we build awareness of your thoughts, feelings and experience. Together we will learn if your negative self-talk is influencing your mood.

The Enneagram of Personality Types is an incredible gift for self understanding and transformation. There are nine personality types and each one of the types has incredible talents. Each type also has a habit of mind that can cause deep suffering in oneself and difficulties in relationships with others. I value working with this elegant system because of the self knowledge and compassion for self and others that emerges from this work.

We will work together to discover what is blocking your innate wholeness and joy. In addition you will be learning new skills to restore your joy and passion.