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Unfortunately, life can present some very difficult and horrendously painful experiences.

A traumatic event such as being in an accident or a very distressing childhood experience becomes stored as memory in the right hemisphere of your brain.

  Hopefully, your left brain "processes" these painful memories and they are released. However in some cases, these memories don't get released and remain in your nervous system, creating depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, a feeling of being stuck or post traumatic stress disorder. These memories can also lodge in your body.

EMDR is an evidenced based process that can help you release these stored memories as well as body sensations associated with these memories.

When I work with you using EMDR I will take you through a relaxation exercise and have you imagine a place that is calm and beautiful. I will then ask you to surround yourself with everyone who loves you. We will then work to dispel any negative thoughts, feelings and body sensations related to the event.

Your brain has an innate capacity to heal, and as painful memories and distressing thoughts are released, you will feel a deep sense of well being.

If you are interviewing for a job or experiencing performance anxiety, EMDR can be extremely helpful. Imagining performing in a calm relaxed way can greatly improve your ability to stay calm and centered.

I have been using EMDR for over 20 years and have deep gratitude for the healing that results from this most incredible process.