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You can change your brain.

I am excited and grateful for the relatively new science of neurobiology. How our brains heal is what this science studies.

We now know our brains have "plasticity" meaning they have the potential to heal by storing positive experiences.

Over the past eighty million years, we mammals survived by paying attention to threats to survival. This style of attention caused our brains to sort for potential danger. In other words, our brains are primed to notice danger.

When an event is flagged as dangerous, painful or negative, your brain stores an imprint and compares current events to the imprint of these old memories. The way to counteract this negative process is to emphasize and store positive experience. This storing creates new neural networks and a feeling of inner peace and well being.

Neurobiology provides specific ways to create healing in your brain. In addition working with feelings, body sensations, memories, and dreams also create new pathways in your brain which promote healing.

Teaching these methods to clients is overwhelmingly rewarding. These exercises can be done between sessions and I am heartened to witness the sense of peace that happens as a result of these practices.