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Cultivating Joy

Joy is our birthright.

Living life fully with a sense of wonder is possible.

  When you are in joyfulness, you are not split between right and wrong, filled with doubt, believing there is something intrinsically wrong with you or filled with anxiety.

Imagine tasting a strawberry, watching a sunset or looking at a child's smile. Taking in these most pleasurable experiences creates a sense of wonder and a feeling that we can trust life's Grace.

Throughout the the experience of our evolution, we had to be primed to notice danger. Control of our environment was key to our survival. We continued believing in the legacy of control; we try to control ourselves, others and life.

We remain unaware of the wholeness that lies beneath our fear or mistrust. This wholeness is bedrock, impervious to being destroyed. Composed of joy, serenity, trust, equanimity and love this wholeness is our essential nature. However, this wholeness leaves nothing out. We don't have to get rid of fear, angst, sadness, etc. We can allow these feelings to exist, feel them and let them go without being stuck in believing we are these emotions. Therein lies joy.

Joy hides out in simple pleasures such as feeling the warmth of the sun and watching clouds travel the skies.

Helping you come to a realization that there is a beautiful essential wholeness residing in the core of your being is an important part of my work.